Most affiliate marketers are asking that one dreadful questions, how do I get traffic to my site? That question is the ultimate downfall of why affiliate marketers don’t get traffic to their site because they just don’t know how. The answer to getting traffic to your site is utilizing the top internet platforms across the web like YouTube. YouTube started in 2005, and has risen to be the second biggest search engine under Google. Getting traffic may very well mean you need to start a YouTube channel of your Niche. The more views and subscribers you get, the more traffic you will gain to your site and the more dough you make. Check out the top 10 reasons why you be using YouTube to put money in your pocket.

Top 10 Reasons to Get Traffic To Your Website Using YouTube

Below are 10 reasons you as a affiliate marketer or online hustler should be using YouTube everyday for traffic to your site and for putting money in your pocket.

  1. YouTube has over 1 billion subscribers and from 2014 to 2015 the amount of people watching YouTube videos in a day went up 40%.
  2. The amount of hours that subscribers are watching YouTube videos boosted to 60%.
  3. The age range that is primarily on YouTube is 18-49 year old.
  4. YouTube is also the second best known search engine in the entire world. People are searching everyday for music videos, reviews, news, movie trailers, web-series and the list goes on.
  5. Google is the only search engine with more search traffic than YouTube.
  6. Because Google and YouTube are pretty much from the same platform, Google uses more YouTube videos in their search results.
  7. More than 50% of YouTube users are using a android, or tablet to watch videos. They also watch over 40 minutes of videos from their phone or tablet.
  8. YouTube allows you to add annotations that are clickable to other videos or to your site or blog.
  9. The best thing about YouTube is that you can MAKE MONEY and monetize your original videos you upload.
  10. YouTube is best known across the internet for their video sharing platform.

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