How To Get Accepted To MaxBounty Instantly and Start Making Money Online

MaxBounty is the #1 CPA ( Cost Per Action) Network to starting working with if you are new to the Industry. They have been around since 2004 and have more than 11,000 publishers, establishing their name in the game. They have thousands of great offers for every niche imaginable. If you are looking to earn easy cash, MaxBounty is a good CPA network to start with. Once publishers earn at least one payment from MaxBounty, they are paid electronically automatically every week thereafter. You can start getting paid every week once you reach a minimum threshold of $100.

How To Get Accepted to MaxBounty

First, click here to go to MaxBounty and sign up with a publisher application. Starting and completing the application process only takes minutes and you want to have your promotional methods and website unique visitors information, etc on hand as your application will pertain a lot on the health of your website online. They want to make sure your site has at least some buzz generation around it and is actually attracting visitors. When completing the application put a real phone number because they will call you to confirm your number.

Once you have submitted the application a good way to expedite your application is by calling your MaxBounty Manager, introducing yourself, sound motivated and confident and ask him/her to expedite the process because yuo can’t wait to get started! The Affiliate Manager will ask you just a few friendly question about how you plan on sending traffic, where you promote and other questions you want to be prepared and ready to answer.

Once you speak with a affiliate marketer you want to say, “Hi, my name is (Your Name) and  I see you have a good paying offer for a health program ( or whatever you are interesting in). I am very interested in joining your company to promote that and other offers. I am an Internet Marketer and I send traffic from my website, blog, Facebook, Bing, and other social media outlets. Can you please expedite my application? I am looking to start sending traffic to this campaign immediately.”
Usually you get approved immediately to start working with MaxBounty and you will also have access to thousands of others campaigns you can promote and earn great money with. Getting accepted by Maxbounty is getting over the hump, once your over the hump, ways to earn for each visitor becomes your next challenge.



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