3 Quick Steps To Start Affiliate Marketing and Make Money

There is over 2 billion people on the internet right now at this very moment. That is why the internet is a $100 billion dollar a year industry! Working online creates freedom from a 9-5 job and also gives you financial freedom. Not only does working online stop wear and tear on your car from that long commute to work. It also stops the stress of not producing enough sales or being promoted at your job or just not making enough money. Jobs are just not going anywhere and your life consist of the same things with that same old boring job.

Working online allows you the peace of mind you will love. Travel at your own speed, take trips when you want. It gives you the freedom to run your own life! Live where you want and not close to your job because it’s better for your commute to work. Is affiliate marketing a great way to earn extra part time or full time money? Yes and a strong yes.

  1. First step is to make a squeeze page aka landing page. You need a website to do this because you need to be taken seriously. Most affiliate marketers have MANY WEBSITES for their many different affiliate programs. A landing page is either a hit or miss. The whole point of your landing page is to get the consumer to sign up. You can get a domain for $10-$12 a year and hosting for around $0.00-$10 a month on average. You can Get a Free Domain and Hosting
  2. Secondly you want to build a catchy landing page that directs people to sign up and try out a product or service or whatever you are selling. Don’t clutter your website and don’t make it too flashy. Stick to the straight chaser. A good looking simple landing page should be enough to lead you to quality leads or sales. A landing page usually has a video. Consumers like videos. They like watching” how to” videos or videos on the products or service they are interested in, or also a quick video on the company selling the product or service.

3.Thirdly, Promote! Promote! Promote! Promote your website all over the internet.  Share your website on all your social media sites. Share your website with family, friends, neighbors, anyone interested in your niche. Let them comment or review your site and have them RT everything you post or share. Make them as excited as you are for whatever it is you are promoting! You can offer to do barters with other business owners or exchange back link with other online sites, buy traffic (PPC – Pay Per Click). Put catchy ads on craigslist, backpage, hoobly, classifiedads.com or eBay classifieds just to name a few. Money is to made online. It just takes effort and time and you WILL MAKE MONEY, watch.

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