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OK, so a lot of affiliate marketers look for Google Adsense alternatives.  Google Adsense is of course the top dog of the PPC (Pay Per Click) game, but you need an alternative if Google suspends your account, does not approve your account or you just want to earn a little bit more money. I can honestly say I don’t think no PPC network pays better than Google Adsense. That’s why if and when you get approved you want to keep your Google Adsense account in good standing.

Chitika is a good alternative to try out. I can truly say they don’t pay nearly as good as Google Adsense but little money is better than zero money. While comparing Chitika and Google Adsense I notice that I can have less clicks in my Google Adsense account and more clicks with Chitika but making way less money with Chitika, but again that’s why you want to keep your Google Adsense account but use Chitika’s pay per click network as extra online cash. May not pay like Google Adsense but it pays and it’s is better than some other Pay Per Networks out there. You can earn a couple of hundreds of dollars from Chitika depends on how much traffic you get.


Why You Should Try Chitika:

  1. Legit PPC Network. Free to sign up.
  2. Easy Approval. No Long waiting to get approved.
  3. They pay $10 via PayPal  or $50 Via Check monthly.
  4. Somewhat similar to Google Adsense.
  5. May not pay like Google Adsense but it’s still extra cash!

Conclusion: Let’s just be honest. Chitika is no way better than Google Adsense in any way, but  you can put some extra money in your pocket along with Google Adsense, infolinks, or 7 search and so on. Money can be made in all different ways shape and forms. Don’t discriminate on the under dog, because sometimes the under dog becomes the top dog. Try Chitika out for yourself.

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