Review: Make Money While Finding a Roommate

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If you are looking for housing on craigslist you can come across a lot of scams and fake ads. is a great website to utilize to find a roommate, apartments, sublets, or just a temporary stay. With  Roomster you can choose housing in over 190 countries world wide. It’s like a room-mating social networking site and Roomster has verified members where you can visit their other social network sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to find out who they are. Roomster ia great way to find your next roommate and earn extra money by renting out your vacant room and utilizing their referral program. With Roomster you can get to know the person first before you jump into any room-mating situation. Referral Program has a extra way for  all members to make extra cash. No matter if you are renting out a room in your home or just looking for a room, apartment or sublet to rent out, you can be earning cash while doing it. Once you sign up make sure you take advantage of their affiliate program. Roomster will pay you a $1.00 per lead. So when you refer your friends and family and they sign up you automatically earn a $1.00. They pay every month by the 10th via PayPal, check or wire transfer. Basically you can have Roomster pay your rent every month. I earned $208 in a day with Roomster. Check my video below.

Why Join Referral Program?

  • Getting started is quick and easy.
  • Pay out every 30 days
  • They have real-time reporting
  • Create multiple campaigns and track them separately
  • Get Paid Via Check, Paypal & wire transfer available
  • Earn $1.00 for every lead that signs up!
  • Join Now!


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