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You may be familiar by now with Fiverr; the world’s largest marketplace to find micro jobs. But micro jobs sites are all over the web popping up in the competition bring opportunities to freelancers. We have found the top 5 sites that are like fiverr and hold up to reputation. Many are easy and free to join and there are millions of gigs listed on there for you to be making some money with these companies online. Whatever talent you have to offer, you want to be on the best platforms that will bring revenue (and you always want to be signed up with at least, two or more).


So, get creative or put your creativeness to work offering your talents or experience as a graphic designer, photographer, writer or whatever it is you are good at (or buying whatever you need from micro workers that are good at it). Here’s our top 5 sites that are like fiverr and offering freelancers with free time and talent more opportunities to earn and in more ways than one.




Gigbucks, similar to fiverr, offers money friendly solutions for any industry professional who has a budget of spending and for anyone looking to do a gig and earn some bucks. A wide range of options are available for whatever your nitche is, just like fiverr. Only difference is, gigbucks prices range from $5-$50. Fiverr, let’s you add on to your gig or you can add add ons that you are willing to do for an extra few bucks. Gigbucks has over 2,000 new members and zero unsatisfied customers.




Why I would recommend zeerk for any freelancers is that if you join and become a premium seller, you can earn an additional $1 for every gig you post. Cool thing is, if your gig doesn’t require any modification, you can instantly click the request withdrawl to get your money earned. One additional zeerk perks, I would say, is that zeerk doesn’t charge a fee for any of the $5 gigs and you get to keep all your zeerking money.

Seoclerk gives buyers so many different seo ways to improve their rankings online, so if your niche is SEO, these many services await for you to start making an earnings now. Presuming that you offer any experience with seo services, seo clerks has the connected seekers that are offering these micro-jobs. Gigs start at $1 and you can earn outside of selling or joining as a freelancer. Other ways to earn money with Seo clerk is by their affiliate program that gives you 10% of every purchase they make for life! If they spend a $1, you earn 10 cents. And if you refer your own clients using your affiliate link, you earn 100% of the sales.


Fourerr offers outstanding micr-jobs available to hire at very reasonable cost. When you join you get 50 free fourerr coins to buy top notch services (or sell your own top notch services!). Fourerr works on a coins reward system. Every 100 fourerr points is equivalent to $1. And you earn points in just about every activity you do on fourerr; post a pic, add a video, leave feedback for buyer or seller, tweet any micro job, share, when you refer other users and beyond. You earn rewards each time you sell or if you buy or collaborate with other smart sellers or buyers.



Clickchores micro job community expands in talent also. The digital field in marketing and advertising is emerging and you can get a piece of the pie online with click chorus (however, these chores continuing paying). You can be a worker and you can also post for jobs too using your account balance or by withdrawing the money earned by paypal or payza. You get paid after completing the selected task you were able to complete. After the gig has been complete and met buyers specifications the money is transferred to your account. Clickchores pays twice a month, at the end and in the middle of the month.

Hope these help! Know of anymore or have you used these services? Share your experience!

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