Simple Explanation of Pay Per Call and How You Make Money

Pay Per Call for affiliates or Cost Per Call is basically a phone call lead generating program that is a great way to monetize your site and earn extra cash sending leads via phone. Who hasn’t called customer service for a thing or two? Most people like calling businesses to get information for a service or product that they maybe interested in. Most consumers call and inquire because they have questions, they want pricing, they want to sign up, etc. When you see a number on a site especially a 800 number it could be an affiliates number for tracking of that
call so the affiliate can get paid for that lead. Companies like Commission Junction, Ring Revenue, Share-A-Sale all are good companies to sign up for Pay Per Call and start earning extra cash for sending leads to a business via phone. Pay Per Call is a easy way to make GOOD money if you know how to market your number right and in the right places. Most affiliates promote their affiliate numbers on Bing, 7 Search, Google Adwords, blogs, YouTube, Forums, magazines, newsletters, offline marketing, etc..

The more you promote and advertise the number the more prospects and consumer will find your number and call it. The more calls the more you are going to make money. The key to Pay Per Call is to promote, promote, promote. The only way consumers will see your number is if you put it directly in front of them. Most people will use google to get contact information but if you have it on your site, your videos, signature in forums, and of course paid advertisement of your affiliate number they will most likely call your number since it’s already there in their face at their convenience which means no need to look up a number, which in return means they will call that number and that’s money for every call you get with your affiliate number. Pay Per Call works simple. Affiliates can get paid per how long the consumer was on the call with no sale or per call with a sale, it depends on the company you are promoting on how you get paid, so make sure you check the programs terms and exactly how you get paid per call. To get started, sign up with a companies that offers a Pay Per Call program, apply for companies you will be able to send valid quality leads to and let them know how you plan on promoting and sending leads to them via phone.

 Watch Video Below of Pay Per Call

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