Top 3 Picture Hosting Websites to Keep Your Pictures Fresh

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Picture Hosting is a must in the 20th century especially for entrepreneurs and business owners. Things have completely changed when it comes to pictures these days. Back in the day you had actual pictures you could hold in your
hand and pass around with your family and friends to look at and laugh and cry over, but today you need picture hosting. Mostly everyone thousands of people use their cellphone or a digital camera to take pictures with. Digital cameras means you can download the picture and save it online without ever printing it but still having the picture saved forever on your laptop, USB, or even email. But wait what if lose your laptop or it breaks, what if your USB stops working or your email gets hacked? Let’s not hope those things happen but it’s an possibility, it happens to people all day, everyday.

This is when picture hosting kicks in. A picture hosting like Photobucket for example will save all your photos and you can even crop, edit, add text, change the colors and lots of different ways to jazz out your pictures or of course you can just save them as is the original old school way, just how you took the picture. Take advantage of at least one free picture hosting company and start saving your pictures for other projects, websites, eBooks, or newsletters or share your pictures. With picture hosting you can go back and revisit those old pictures and maybe even use an older pic and change the color for another blog or site.

1. Photobucket

Photobucket is great for image saving. You can also edit, add text, change color, turn into html, and download new image. You can also share you pictures to the public and Photobucket members if you choose or you can simply just make your pictures private. You can share your photos with family and friends or to all your Facebook and Twitter friends. Photobucket gives free members 2GB of photo storage.

2. Flickr

Yahoo started Flickr so people could upload their photos, and share them to any one on the globe. Flickr gives all free members 1,000 GB of photo storage. Also they provide a way to backup your photos for that extra security.

3. is a very basic website that allows you to upload images, resize them. You can also link your pictures to forums, message boards, ¬†or auctions. You don’t have to login or register just upload your photos.


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