Have you ever heard the saying you have to spend a little to make a little? Well, not in the affiliate marketing game. You can start doing affiliate marketing today instantly, with absolutely no money to get started. To get started in Affiliate marketing their is no credit or criminal background check. You don’t have to go through a long boring interview explaining why you should get the job, what is your experience, what happened between this dates, blah, blah, blah… NO MORE! Be your own boss, and you can be your own boss starting a career in affiliate marketing and making good money online.

Start taking advantage of free services offered online. There are hundreds probably thousand of free services offered online. Businesses want to gain your trust first. That is why most businesses offer free trials, or forever free membership accounts. The thing I love about affiliate marketing, you don’t have to go to college, or have zero to little cash to get started in this game. If you have always wondered of ways to make extra money, this is it. Try out free services and see the money roll in.

  1. Bravenet– is great they offer free hosting, email, chat, guestbooks, forums, classified and a easy way to build your site or blog. They provide you with free unlimited hosting and also as many email accounts you need.
  2. 000webhost.com– 000webhost offers the same services as a paid hosting account. You get email, a free domain, and a free website builder.
  3. Google Analytics– will improve your website performance and marketing data with up to date analytics.
  4. Cooltext.com–  offers you a free logo maker service. It is free ti make a logo or banner for your site. They have many options and designs.
  5.  Photobucket.com–  allows you to download your photos and videos and edit them for free as you wish and share them with the public, family and friends.
  6. Yellow Pages– advertise your business FREE of charge on Yellow Pages.com. That is free marketing and advertisement for your business.
  7. Google My Business– offers free advertisement for businesses on Google. You just need to confirm your site with a verification code that will mailed out to you.
  8. Small SEO Tools– need help with SEO? Smallseotools.com offers free SEO tools to help you better your site with Search Engine Optimization.
  9. Google Webmaster– will help you get found on the web quicker by utilizing Google Webmaster Tools.
  10. One.com– offers a free.com. .info. org, etc.. domain plus 3 months of hosting free! After 3 months just switch to free hosting if you don’t like their hosting or you simply just cant afford it after your 3 month free trial.  This probably won’t last so take advantage now if you don’t have a domain. No credit card is needed.

11. Logo Garden– offers a free logo for your business. They have different designs and symbols to use for your logo.

12. MailChimp– provides a great free email service. Send 12,000 emails to 2,000 subscribers for free!

13. Dreamstime.com– offers free high quality 300 dpi images for FREE to use on your site, blog, email or newsletter.

14. Hootsuite– offers you a way to market your business with all your social media sites at once without having to login into each of your social media sites. They offer up to 3 social media sites for free. You can upgrade if you need more social media sites to promote on.

15. Screen-O-Matic– offers you a way to record videos and screen shot website pages free of charge!

16. Google Voice– offers a free phone number. You can even choose your local area code. They will forward all calls to your cell phone. This is a great way to not have to use your personal cell phone for business.

17. Paltalk– allows you to video chat online free with friends and family or for business. They offer over 5,000 chat rooms to choose from.

18. Dropbox – gives you free basic account of file sharing and storage.

19. Strikingly – build a exquisite mobile optimized landing page for affiliate campaigns free!
20. Weebly– offers a free great looking website absolutely free of charge. If you want a more advanced website check out Weebly.
21. Square– provides you a free card reader. You can charge consumers on the go from your iphone, android or tablet.
22. Small Business Association– is provided by the federal government and they offer free tools and resources for start-up companies. They also offer local business events and seminars in your local area.
23. Slideshare– lets you create slideshow presentations to share on your site, blog, and with your customers.
24. Lendio– provides a list of business loans available to you.
25. Logoaster-is a free online logo maker.

26. WordPress– Create your own website for free with great plugins to spice up your website.
27. Hive– free unlimited cloud service.
28. Bitly– lets you create, cloak and hide your links while tracking them.
29. Addthis– share your content, get followers and collect emails for free.
30. Raumrot free high res pictures to use for your site or blog. for commercial use only.
31. Kiss– Free legal documents for startup companies and businesses.
32. Impossibility– is a free domain name generator. Great if you cant think of a good domain name for your website or business.



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