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First of all free web services is something all affiliates and entrepreneurs want to take advantage of, if you are starting your own business. Most of all every business or affiliate needs a website to promote their products or services.  Furthermore having a website is critical to your business. Shopping online is what everyone is doing instead of having to wait in long lines at the mall, or wearing the same gear everybody is flossing.

Everyone is shopping online for anything and everything. It’s easier, faster and way more convenient shopping online for consumers. So having a website is crucial to your business if you want to make sales or get leads. You absolutely want to have a website for your company or affiliate campaigns no matter what.

Finally if you don’t have the cash or you are just starting off, there are many offers online for cheap domains, but currently is having a special for a FREE domain and hosting account for a year. You just pay a small $3.00 set-up fee and you are online ready to promote your business or affiliate campaign to the internet world.  So don’t stress about spending an arm and long on a domain name and hosting, you can take advantage of free domain and hosting offer.
1. First you needFree website and domain to pick a domain with your business name or something that goes with your affiliate campaign you are running ( and then build Your First Website For Free!
 2. Go here to get a free domain and free hosting for a year. Only pay a $3.00 setup fee. That is it!
3. Once you pick your domain name, and pay the $3.00 set-up fee, your domain should be up and running in 24-48 hours.
4. Build your site!
5. Submit site to directories and search engines to be seen on Google, Yahoo and Bing.
6. Make sure you brand your company all over the internet with your company name on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest and so on.
7. Welcome to the world of having a internet business!

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