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I started Uber Eats back in October of 2016 just to make some extra money in my spare time. It started off great. Uber Eats was offering up to $19 an hour guaranteed for working between certain hours, especially during lunch and dinner times. Money was OK from Uber Eats. I couldn’t complain about hourly guarantees up to $19 just for delivering food.  Unfortunately things soon changed and I only received about 2 and a half months of hourly guarantees from Uber Eats and it stopped. As soon as the 2017 new year started Uber sent out an email stating it was changing its payment structure.

That change was for the worse. I continued to do Uber Eats after the change but wasn’t making as nearly as much as I was earning in the prior months. I was earning at least $350-500 a week with Uber Eats working part-time.  Not only did Uber Eats take away the hourly guarantee, they also increased their fee to 35%. 35% is a huge chunk of your hard-earned money. That’s nearly 50%. I saw a significant decrease in my earnings and soon decided to give Uber Eats a rest until they came to their senses.

When I was delivering for Uber Eats I would often run into GrubHub drivers. A lot of them would say they started with Uber Eats but wasn’t making any money. They would say as soon as they switched over to GrubHub they instantly starting to see more dough rolling in. So I decided to sign up for GrubHub and give them a try because a lot of GrubHub drivers were stating they were earning more with GrubHub than all the other delivery app platforms. I signed up and soon saw what the drivers were talking about. You can easily earn $25 an hour or more with GrubHub.
The reason why the Grubhub drivers were earning more than Uber Eats drivers were simply due to tips. With Grubhub you know your tip before you drop off the food. When customers tip, it makes a huge difference in your earnings. For example, you could have a $5.00 delivery that could turn into a $10.00 trip just because the customer tipped $5.00.  Not only was I getting $5.00 tips, I was getting  $10, $15, $20 and even a $50 tip.  I instantly was working part-time earning $400-700 a week. The average delivery with GrubHub for me is probably between $8-$12. I can do about 2-3 deliveries an hour depending on the time of day and restaurants. So that’s roughly between $16 -$30 per hour. Some days I could earn more than $30 an hour depending on the tips. Now I’ve completed over 500 deliveries with GrubHub and would say they are my number #1 pick when it comes to food delivery apps.

Today Uber has just announced that tipping is now allowed on their app in the U.S and that a customer can tip a Uber Eats driver right after a delivery up to 30 days. The big question is will Uber customers tip or have they gotten comfortable with NOT tipping.  Let’s hope Uber Eats customers tip especially after receiving good service.  Also Uber needs to reduce their fees, if not then I will just continue to drive for GrubHub and the other delivery platforms like Doordash and Postmates. Check mate.
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