Earn $100 – $1,000 A Week With Ubers Affiliate Program

Uber is the most infamous name in the rideshare business and now with UberEATs, their also taking the lead with food delivery. Uber started back in 2009 and now this app has become a reliable source if not, a life saver for some needing rides from A to B or wanting something to eat without having to leave your home.

Uber is always hiring looking for new drivers to join their rideshare and delivery platform, and there’s no better time to join than now. A lot of people say they wouldn’t drive for Uber because of many different reasons like miles and wear and tear on cars, dealing with rude people or having to walk excessively when delivering. But this isn’t always the case. Some days are amazing with amazing pay, good tips and even the people you make contact with.

Say, for instance, you signed up with Uber and began to hit the road but you find out doing Uber or Uber Eats is just not for you. Don’t quickly give up on Uber because there are more ways to make money with Uber without driving or food delivery. Many driver-partners or couriers domt know that UBER offers a money-making referral program that you can also join. If you get people to sign up for UBER you can get paid anywhere from $50 to $1000 per referral depending on the state your referral is from. You can also refer people to try Uber Eats and get paid for people who order on Uber Eats for the first time with a $10 off promo code. Uber will pay you $5 or more for every person you refer to UberEATS. The opportunity to earn with Uber does go a long way.

Top Benefit of the Uber Referral Program

Most affiliate programs pay bi-monthly and others pay monthly. Not sure about you but nobody got time to be waiting a month or two for their money. If you have been looking for a referral program that pays weekly then that’s just another benefit of Uber’s referral program because Uber pays outs referral bonuses weekly whether you drive, deliver or not.

6 Ways to promote Uber referral program

1. The most effective way thus far – business cards. Order customize business cards with your referral code and pass them out to everybody you come across, especially if they have never tried UberEATs before.

2. Post your referral code on friends wall like Facebook. Share with friends who are foodies, like to eat or share food pictures or recipes.

3. Post your referral code on Twitter utilizing the hashtag feature. Interact with those using similar hashtags to drive more activity to your tweets.

4. Post a picture with your referral code and post it on Instagram.

5. Post flyers up on college campuses with your referral code.

6. Make YouTube videos and promote your referral code.

Sign up for UBER Eats here and get a sign on bonus.

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