To become successful in affiliate marketing, one must be driven, have the determination and of course hustling skills. In the beginning, being an affiliate is not easy what so ever. But with time (and figuring out your niche), your hard work and dedication will pay off. Affiliate marketing got me out of financial debt, like past due bills and late rent.

At first, I thought to sign up for affiliate marketing programs would be a waste of my time. But I was wrong! I’m so glad I got into affiliate marketing and haven’t looked back ever since because of the financial freedom it has brought me.

Furthermore, if you are a hustler, hard worker and love having multiple streams of income, then affiliate marketing is for you.

 Having A Website Is Great For Leads

The first thing you need to do to get started in affiliate marketing is getting a website or blog. You must have a landing page. Having a blog or website is crucial to your success in affiliate marketing. Google Adsense the #1 top paying pay-per-click program will NOT approve applications without a blog or website.

You can get a free website or blog from companies like WeeblyWix, WordPress,, 000webhost,, and so many other companies that offer ways for you to build a website easily, and with no experience.

Most have drop and drag website builders which makes it easier and faster for you to build a website and have you up online in little to no time. Building a website, nowadays, can be done within minutes.






 Affiliate Marketing Cost

ShareASale Affiliate Network

The great thing about starting in affiliate marketing is that you don’t need a penny to start. You can get started with zero dollars. The secret to becoming successful in affiliate marketing is by putting up good unique content that you are comfortable writing about.  That way you can write about your niche with ease.

Finally, when you have had a blog or site you can start monetizing your site. First, sign up with affiliate networks like Shareasale, Commission Junction, Peerfly, or Maxbounty just to name a few. There are hundreds of affiliate programs literally for every niche. See which affiliate network company works better for you and your niche.

Sign Up For MaxBounty

Lastly, once you are all signed up with an affiliate network or networks, apply for campaigns, once approved, start placing their banner ads, or text ads on your site or blog. Make sure the banner ads match your sites niche, that makes it easier for you to get a lead or sale. Placing ads on your site is easy.

Free website and domainGetting started in affiliate marketing is not as hard as you think, but again it takes hard work and hustler skills to succeed. The hardest part of affiliate marketing is the promotion part. Getting people to come to your site is the hardest part.

If no one visits your site, then how will you make money? You won’t. You have to use outlets like YouTube, Craigslist, Facebook,  Instagram, or Twitter to get traffic. Social media sites are free outlets to use to promote your website. Furthermore, if you have some extra cash you can spend on traffic to your site, start with places like Fiverr who only charge $5 to promote websites or

Most people learn affiliate marketing along the way. Moreover, the best way to learn is hands on. Lastly, start today by building a website or blog and from where the ball will keep rolling and money will be rolling in soon. Join the billion dollar market of affiliate marketing and BOOM make that money!

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