Lyft Drivers Can Earn $15-$40 Per Hour

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Becoming a Lyft driver is simple and easy. First, completing the process for Lyft drivers can take from 48 hours to 14 days. Secondly, to start driving with Lyft, you are required to have a valid DMV record and past a criminal background check. Most importantly, if you are not too familiar with how ride-sharing companies work, you can always meet a Lyft mentor who can share their experience driving as a Lyft driver.

Furthermore, since you will be using your very own private vehicle, your car must be in good condition and meet safety standards. Lastly, your car must have a functioning horn and exterior lights and must be free of big dents and dings, crack-free windows, windshield, and mirrors.

Simple Requirements To Become A Lyft Driver

1. The minimum age requirement is 21 years of age.

2. Your vehicle must be a 2002 or newer with 4 doors that can open and close.

3. You must have a smart or android phone and the app downloaded.

4. You need to pass the background check.

5. Good driving history with no major traffic citations in the past year.

Currently, Lyft is offering new Drivers a sign on bonus from $500 to $1500 depending on your city after a certain amount of trips are completed. In addition to making money driving, Lyft also lets you earn more for referral others Lyft drivers.

How much can you earn driving with Lyft? 

That all depends on the driver. However, Lyft drivers could easily earn between $15 – $40 an hour depending on numerous things like the area you are in and if its prime time. Cities with busier traffic like Los Angeles, Boston or New York can easily earn $50 or more an hour, including tips.

Lyft and other rideshare competitors are becoming the next big thing beyond taxis, cabs and even public transportation. Moreover, just like a traditional cab ride, once the ride ends, the rider can tip, in cash or via the app. Lastly, driving for Lyft is easy, and people are earning extra income in their spare time.

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