How To Get Ready For A Soon To Be Cashless World

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Credit and Debit Cards Chip

For decades, the government has been headed toward a cashless society with the advancement of technology. Slowly but surely, federal reserve notes or cash is being weeded right out of the economy with digital banking accounts, debit/credit cards, and now microchips. In European countries like Sweden, 97% of all consumers purchases are cashless. Countries like Singapore, France, Denmark, Canada and the Netherlands are also going towards a cashless economy with more than 50% cashless transactions. The United States is right under 50% of all cashless transactions.

Additionally, all debit/credit cards in the U.S must have the EMV or ‘Smart Card’ chip implanted on them by 2017, in order to be in compliance with the Executive Order. All businesses and ATMs must accept EMV chipped cards. In case you are not aware, the New Chip and Pin System, EMV, stands for Europay, MasterCard, and Visa. The government states the new chipped EMV cards can trace every last transaction reducing identity theft and fraudulent purchases from being made. EMV will soon be the standard Global Pay. If the business or ATM does not accept EMV chipped cards, any fraudulent activity will hold the business, not the bank liable, possibly putting consumers finances in jeopardy.

Human Microchip Here

Human microchips were once talked about as a thing of the future. But now people are actually getting the chip implanted under their skin and voluntarily. The first person to test out the RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) chip was British engineer and scientist Kevin Warwick in 1998. He tested the chip for nine days. He could do many things such as unlock doors, switch on lights and communicate with his computer. Nine days later, however, he had the chipped removed.

Did you think the government wouldn’t chip humans because they chip dogs and animals!? Think again. 

Fact: Humans are being chipped right now by being injected with a needle containing the tiny microchip. This chip is the size of a grain of rice. The chip can be implanted into someone’s hand or top arm. Once implanted people can do numerous things including entering a home or secure work areas, buy food or unlock the car doors. All finances, bank account information, and medical information can also be located and accessed from the microchip. 

Three Square Market company out of Wisconsin became the first company in the U.S to microchip 50 of their 80 employees, free of charge, this year. The CEO of the company Todd Westby, his wife and his kids all got chipped as well.

In 2006 the company CityWatcher, a video surveillance business in Cincinnati, OH was the first company in the world to implant microchips into their employees to access the building and sensitive data and security system. Besides corporations implementing the microchip, in 2002, the Jacobs family from Florida was the first family to get micro-chipped on national TV on Good Morning America.

3 Ways To Prepare for a Cashless Society

1. First, have your own business. Don’t be forced to receive the microchip from a job or employer. Start your own business. Make your own decisions.

2. Secondly, there are alternatives ways of identifying people for their medical records. Simply carry a medical card or identification at all times. By law as of 2009, citizens must carry a driver license especially while driving. Always carry I.D or an Enhanced Driver License which also has an RFID chip implanted in it.

3. Third, cell phones like Androids or iPhones are chipped which can scan and be used for purchases. No need to chip your body to be scanned. Most phones can pay for items at the store. Pay with your phone by using Apple Pay, PayTM, Android Pay or Samsung Pay.

4. Buy gold, silver, gems, and metals worth value. Gold and silver were once used for purchases before the 20th century. Gold and silver will always hold monetary value and the rarer the piece is, the more valuable it is. Large stones or metals unique in color will become more precious and expensive over time.

5. Bitcoin is said to be the digital currency in the world. Bitcoin will be perfect in a cashless society where every transaction is traced because bitcoin transactions are untraceable. The government cannot trace people transactions because bitcoin is not governed by any government or entity. Bitcoin will be the future of a cashless economy.

Get ready for a soon cashless global economy headed our way really soon. The government needs more power over everyone’s money. It wants to know every last transaction you make. Is that what you really want? Be prepared because a cashless global society is on its way.

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