Donald Trump Taking All the Credit For Low Unemployment Rates in the Black Community


Donald Trump is known as the President who has raised the racial tension to all time high in the United States. Furthermore, he has continued to make racial statements against people of color.  Trump has stated black countries are shit hole countries and Mexicans are rapist. Nonetheless, he thinks he is the reason for the drop of employments rates for the Black and Latino community.

Yes, there is a drop in the unemployment rate for black people, but unemployment rates have been dropping since Obama was in office. Fact is since 2010 when Barack Obama was the president unemployment started to decrease. Unemployment has decreased for not just black people but also for the latino and white community. Furthermore, he also seems to think he can say mean racist statements about people cultures and where they come from, as long as unemployment rates are down. Wrong!

Donald Trumps Shows Blatant Pure Racism

Since Donald Trump has been in office, his ways have shown him to be a racist, arrogant, and very egotistical. Not to mention Trump and his family have rumored to be racist for decades.  Trumps father was arrested in 1927 at a KKK rally printed in the New York Times. Trump has also been sued several times for housing discrimination against black people.

One incident was in 1970 when a black couple Haywood and Rennell Cash saw a for rent sign in Cincinnati, Ohio. They decided to apply for the apartment. The black couple was advised their was no vacancies by Trumps representatives.  Unfortunately, come to find out a white couple had moved in right after the black man had previously tried to apply for the apartment. He sued under the Federal Fair Housing ACT.  Trumps company never admitted to discrimination and rented out the apartment to the African-American male. Donald Trump is making America more divided than it already is.

He has outright disrespected people of color people by stating the Following:

1. Black people are living in poverty.

2. Black people schools are no good.

3. Black people have no jobs.

4. He put a ban on Moslems to enter the U.S.

5. Less Immigrants from Haiti and Africa and more immigrants from Norway.

Lastly, If Donald Trump was trying to “Make America Great Again” he wouldn’t start off with Jim Crow tactics. Watch Video below of Donalds Trumps pure discrimination against people of color.


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