Chicago’s Uber call center decided to celebrate Black History Month a little differently this year. ‘Uber Hue’ a program for people of color at Uber Chicago’s call center did a Black History Chicago Museum for black history month. They decorated the break room with African colors, pictures, and black history on black pioneers of Chicago. But one picture stands out the most among all the other pictures. There is an alarming race riot picture that just hangs out-of-place in the Uber Chicago’s call center break room.

A picture of a race riot would make me feel so uncomfortable at my place of work. But the truth of the matter is that the picture of the race riot is definitely black history for Chicago residents. Back in 1919 a race riot broke out in Chicago from July 27 to August 3rd. Also there was another race riot in Chicago in 1968. In the race riot of 1919 38 people died. 23 where black and 18 were white. The Chicago race riot of 1919 has been considered the worst riot in Chicago. There was looting and violence for days. Over 500 were injured.

Black history should be celebrated with positiveness and enlightenment on black culture and history but not all black history is good history. The race riot pictures represents what black people had to go through in the 1900’s dealing with racism and oppression. Lastly, I commend The  Chicago Uber Hue program for celebrating all of black history rather good or bad, it’s still history.


The fight still remains for equality in 2018.

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