3 Pay Per Click Internet Search Engine Brings Targeted Traffic To Your Site

1. Google AdWords – Adwords is a great Google’s advertising services among their other services they offer. AdWords is the largest and most prominent of all the pay per click internet search engines.

Google Adwords offers excellent tools to aid advertisers, integrating Google Analytic with Adwords.

Make sure that your Google Adwords advertisement has the best key phrases options targeted to drive traffic to your website once keywords appear.

Utilizing Google Adwords will definitely drive a boost of high quality targeted traffic. Keep in mind though it can be costly though.

2. Chitika— If Google Adwords is way out of your budget and you are looking for an alternative, I would check out Chitika. Chitika is a great google adwords option and it is legit and has a easy approval program.

5. Bidvertiser – Bidvertiser first started in 2003. It has been around for over 13 years. Bidvertiser started roughly around the time Google came out with Google Adsense.

Furthermore, there is no approval wait time and the minimum payout is only $10. They offer the opportunity to earn by pay per clicks, xml feeds, pop ups, sliders and so on.

It ranks at about a 1,000 on Alexa Rank, which mean it definitely can be very effective. I recommend Bidvertiser for new comers because it is much less costly and but very effective.

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