PAXFUL New Bitcoin Affiliate Program ( Watch The Money Stack Up!)

Affiliate Program

PAXFUL has new affiliate program for Bitcoin users and lovers. PAXFUL program lets affiliates earn commissions that are 1,000% higher than their competitors offerings. PAXFUL is mostly known as the place where mainstream buys their bitcoins. Furthermore, PAXFUL has vendors that sell bitcoin instantly to mainstream buyers and now as an affiliate you can earn a 2% commission on those transactions. The demand for bitcoin is growing and there are more people looking to buy bitcoin in many different ways. Paxful allows the unbanked to acquire bitcoin in over 300 different ways. When you sign up as a affiliate you will receive a link that you should promote to bitcoin buyers. PAXFUL system matches up buyers with the very best vendors for the very best price and deal.
If you don’t know what Bitcoin is, It was founded in 2009 by an anonymous software named Satoshi Nakamoto. Bitcoins is a digital currency that cannot be tracked and can be spent electronically at onlines stores like Amazon. That is why on the movie “Dope” featuring Zoe Kravitz they hustled and sold dope through bitcoin, because they could not be tracked doing it. Bitcoins can never be counterfeited unlike some government issued currency, and no bank, government agency controls it. Bitcoins payments can’t be blocked like a lot of payment processing companies and banks who block funds just because they can. Bitcoins are mined using your computers mathematical power in a network of bitcoins miners.

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