Statistics show, more than half of small businesses give up for having little resources to count on. When first starting your business you may not have much start-up cash, but with dozens of free business resources online this saves you time and money.

Entrepreneurs are born and made every day. As a small business owner, you need useful tools and resources. Not having access to resources needed can be very frustrating. I know how hard it is starting a brand new business. So check out below the list of 50 free business resources for entrepreneurs, start-ups, and small to large businesses to take advantage of.

Check out the top 50+ free business resources below and find what resources can benefit your company needs.

Records your website stats and visitors.

2. Bing Webmasters

Improve the performance of your website. Receive free tools and resources.

Analyze your websites SEO Free.

100% Free SEO tools. Unique content checker and online ping website tool.

 A wide array of free and paid SEO professionals and DIY webmasters.

Offers free SEO tools that runs from servers. Runs instantly without downloads.

Free analytics on your YouTube videos.

See what your websites look like on Google.

Free website speed test.

Test the load time of each of your website pages. Review your website and make quick changes.

Sociopal is your online social marketing expert. Creates social networks through one channel.

PIWIK offers you an open analytics platform that delivers reports including daily unique visitors.

New users can use MailChimp to send newsletters, product launch or press release to subscribers completely free of charge.

Create engaging and professional online pages, unlimited publishing pages including video recordings.

Make e-signatures easy with this service storing digital signatures.

15. Hello Sign

#1 online small business CRM that tracks your sales management.

Get your business on Google Map.

Everything in sync | Web notes, web pages, notes, files, and images.

18. Evernote

With Evernote, you can take, organize, and share notes from anywhere in the world. Your important notes are always with you no matter what.

Social Media analytics. Free counter Web Stats. 

22. Yellow pages

Get a free Yellow Pages listing of your business.

23. Google My Business

Sign up for a free profile of your business on Google to connect and share your business information with potential customers online.

24. WordPress

Free blog for your business.


Receive business tips from the Small Business Association, and learn how to write a business plan.

26. Google Drive   

Google drive is a great tool to save all your important docs, videos and more.

27. Google Docs

Access to create and share online documents, spreadsheets, presentations and more without having Microsoft programs.

28.. UberSuggest

Free keyword suggestion data tool.

29. Boomerang

Provides email management for quick access.

30. Survey Monkey

Free online questionnaire and publish survey polls. View results in real-time and graphically.

31. Online Surveys

Quiz consumers and customer satisfaction. Great, easy to use survey builder.

32. SimplyBooking

Online booking services offering user-friendly templates.

33. Moo

Free Business Card Sample Pack.

36. Clickbook

Schedule business leads.

34. Avery

Online templates to design and print business cards, greeting cards and labels.

35. Enloop

Business plan writing app. Automatically write a customized business plan. No credit card info needed

36. Clickbook

Schedule business leads.

37. MoneyTrackin’

Track your expenses & share budgets.

38. Budgetpulse

Achieve larger financial goals with Personal Finance Budget planning.

39. MyMoneyManage

Create your own spending categories, upload receipts plus more.

41. Google Voice

Local Business Number for your business with transcript messages.

40. Xerox Accounting 

350 third-party apps integration makes your latest imported transactions seamless.

42. USPS Supplies

Receipt for certified mail, return receipt or Priority Boxes. USPS Free shipping has you covered.

43. Word Counter

A Word and character count tool. Min. max. word and character count in seconds with Keyword density.

44. Hipchat
From home, office or on the go. Group chats, drag and drop file sharing integration system.

45. Desk 
14-day FREE trial. All in one app for small businesses customer support.

46. E-Sig

330-dayFree trial sign and send with any browser enables device. Authenticated digital signatures.

47. Cloud Storage

48. Synchro

Take load of job scheduling with full customization online mobile customer management.

49. Bplans calculate

Calculate in real-time pp clicks and advertising campaign.

50. Appointlet
Add Appointlet to your website and schedule appointments 24/7. 30-day free trial.

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