UBER is a billion dollar company that has been in existence since 2009 by Garrett Camp the co-founder of StumbleUpon, and Travis Kalanick. There is a huge problem with racist drivers and also riders for UBER drivers and Taxi drivers. Furthermore, UBER had to remove its riders pics because some drivers would most likely cancel if the riders are Black or of color.

Some drivers even discriminate by the name of the person. UBER was getting a lot of complaints from riders about being called “ni**er” by drivers. Some UBER riders have complained about drivers pulling up to them and calling them racial slurs and driving off and canceling the UBER ride. Moreover, people of Arabic descent, Indian, and Asian also get called racial slurs by drivers.

UBER decided to make things better for some riders mostly of color due to all the complaints about racist UBER drivers. Prior on UBER drivers were able to see riders pics to easily be able to identify the rider, but UBER ended up removing riders pics to see a decrease in driver cancellations. The sad part is that UBER allows racist acts with just a warning for the drivers. So a driver can call a rider a “ni**er” and just get a warning and still are able to continue on the UBER platform as a partner. Is UBER allowing racism on there ride share platform?

The answer is yes! You can do a racist act and get up to 3 warnings. Instead of UBER taking racism as verbal hate they take it very lightly with strikes instead of a no tolerance policy, which means you call someone a racial slur you are immedialty fired from the platform. Should people of color continue to support UBER for their commutes?

In June of this year the University of California published an essay called “Ridehail Revolution: Ridehail Travel and Equity in Los Angeles,” an experiment done by Anne Elizabeth Brown, a doctoral student in Urban Planning. In the experiment UCLA took races of all backgrounds and had them take rides for UBER and Lyft to see if they were treated differently. In the experiment they found  that black riders had to wait 1 minute and 43 seconds longer than white riders and were 4 percent more likely to have their drivers cancel on them than white riders.

Another alarming factor was that Taxi drivers where extremely more discriminatory to their black riders whom had to wait six to 15 minutes longer than white riders. Taxi’s where also 73 percent more likely to cancel on black riders than white riders. Moreover there is another study  from 2016 called Racial and Gender Discrimination in Transportation Network Companies that shows black people are 35% more likely to wait longer for a driver in areas like Seattle, Washington. Also studies have shown that African-Americans faced two times higher cancellations because of their names on UBER than on Lyft.

In conclusion, no business should be supported by consumers who are allowed to be mistreated by hate. Again, their should be a no tolerance act on ride share platforms and Taxis for hate acts whether it’s verbal or especially physical.


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