Hustlers Get Online Starter Package $25


The Hustlers Get Online Starter Package is a package put together for online affiliate marketers who don’t have the time or the money to build a site but longing to get started in affiliate marketing. Furthermore, The Starter Package is simple, yet very effective. It is customized to getting affiliate marketers successfully online and on the road to making money with whatever business, brand, product or service you hustle! In this package, you will have everything you need to start your online presence.

How Important It Is to Have A Landing Page?

Statistics show having a landing page or site increase sales and leads. The Hustlers Get Online Starter package has been specifically made to get affiliate marketers up and running on the internet in no time to start making dough online. If you have no clue where to begin in affiliate marketing, G.A.M will get it started for you and then you can go from there.

The Hustlers Get Online Starter Package is the ultimate complete package with a customized logo for your business or brand and a landing page. All the basics you need to get online is in this Hustler’s Package made at a very affordable price! This is how committed G.A.M is to your success online!

Why Do Affiliate Marketers Need A Landing Page?

Not having a landing page to direct traffic to is usually start up affiliates or internet marketers number one down fall. You can start earning money online from affiliate marketing campaigns because now you will have a landing page you can refer potential customers too!

What You Get In The Hustler Starter?

Your very own landing page will be delivered to you pre-designed, so making updates will come very easy. Furthermore, we have put together an amazing hustle package costing you little out of pocket. For example, the hosting we use for your site is a free hosting plan that will cost you $0/month after the package is delivered! The Hustlers Get Online Package is to get you online or your foot in the affiliate marketing door to start earning money.

The Hustlers Get Online Package Includes:

    1. Professional Looking Landing Page (One Pager) Easy to update and make changes.
    2. Simple Logo (Logo samples below)
    3.  Submit site to top 40 search engines.
    4. Facebook Cover
    5. Free Hosting Account from (can upgrade anytime)
    6. Submission to 10 social media sites.
    7. Free e-book (Successful Affiliate Strategies) on getting starting with affiliate marketing.
    8. First 100 backlinks to your site (within 30 days)

Getting started is EASY as 1-2-3!

1. a) Purchase a domain. (You can purchase a domain here for only .99 cents)

b) Once the domain is purchased G.A.M will set you up with Free Hosting. (FYI: We will need your login info to change nameservers to free hosting account).

2. Send domain and all info related to your affiliate campaign, including content, like text, videos, urls, links, pics, etc. to

3. Once all details have been sent to, we will then send you details on the next steps to take to get your landing page up.


Sample Landing Pages:

Logo Samples



  1. How much is the Hustlers Get Online Starter Package? Only a one time fee of $25. Payable only through PayPal.
  2. How long will it take to get the landing page up and running? It will take no longer than 7 business days to complete. Usually done in 72 hours, but could take up to 7 days.
  3. When will I receive my Logo? Your logo will be emailed to you in PNG format within 7 days of your purchase.
  4. What if I need updates and changes to my landing page? We will take care of all minor changes within the first 30 days but will answer any questions or concerns at any time.
  5. What is the free hosting account used? We build your website using free hosting with
  6. What If I don’t have a domain? You can purchase a domain here for .99 cents.
  7. What if I need to cancel my purchase? You can cancel your purchase within 24 hours of your purchase for a full refund.


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